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To access our online pharmacy, click the Vets First Choice button below:

We have chosen Vets First Choice, as our pharmacy of choice.  Their secure online system integrates with your pet's information in our clinic's database. This will improve the speed of prescription requests.


Coastside Veterinary Clinic Pharmacy and Prescription Information

While it may be labeled as an "online pharmacy," please be aware that VetSource inventory and dispensing practices should not be compared to other internet pharmacy companies. VetSource is  operated as a trusted distributor.  Online orders are managed solely by the staff at Coastside Veterinary Clinic. Most other online pet pharmacies are not backed/guaranteed by the manufacturers of the products they are selling. Manufacturers of veterinary drugs do not sell directly to outside internet pharmacies, meaning they obtain these medications through third party vendors. This means that the shipping, storage, expiration and in some cases true medication doses are not regulated. There are few online pharmacies that are authorized to sell with the manufacturer's approval. We do not grant permission via phone or fax of prescription request from outside pharmacies.  It is the policy of Coastside Veterinary Clinic that a written prescription will be provided directly to clients with a current patient relationship with the clinic (examination within the past 12 months) upon request. For information about the pitfalls of unregulated "online pharmacies," please go to: FDA Pet Online Pharmacy Cautions